Success Story of Richard Beese – A Sports Person


A football player is the one who is “physically and mentally tough”. Believe that you are the best, if you cannot believe that then you will not be able to achieve whatever you are capable of.

The best example of self assurance is Richard Beese.

Richard Beese is the professional local football team player of the United Nations. He is a football addict. He has been training and playing football since he was five years old. Richard grew up in London and kept his focus on academics and football.

Mr. Beese said, “In my journey to be a professional football player I had some stumbling blocks and things I had to work on, and things that I had no control over. Bringing my dream of success was not as easy as wishing upon a star. It required hard work, staying power, sacrifice, enthusiasm and, above all, a commitment to my family.”

“I had a great inspiration [My mother] who always motivated me to attain my dreams” said Richard. “She made sure that I am not loosing positive attitude toward my goals of life”.

Our attitude decides everything. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.”Elevate an idealist mind, use your imagination, consider alternatives and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible.” that should be the attitude at every phase of your life.

What Richard Beese tries to say that his life as a professional footballer is not easy, but it is still awesome? My work is my passion. I earned money by doing what I liked most. I also travelled a lot, met a lot of people and made friends. Not every job gives you such opportunities to meet so many interesting people and visit so many countries and cities.