Gymnastics – A Combination of Strength, Balance, Agility, and Muscle Coordination

Richard Beese Gymnastics

Richard Beese is always working really hard and pushing himself to the maximum and keeping himself motivated. He believes that sports not only make you physically strong but mentally and emotionally too. He appreciates the sport Gymnastics and motivates others toward it. Gymnastics requires strength, flexibility and control. Gymnastic has its different categories Gymnastics at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio was held in three categories: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and Trampoline. Richard Beese describes that Artistic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics in which athletes perform short routines that varies from 30 to 90 seconds. Men’s artistic gymnastics is divided into six events: the high bar, the parallel bars, the pommel horse, the vault and the floor exercises. Women’s artistic gymnastics consists of the balance beam, the uneven bars, the vault and the floor exercises. Rhythmic gymnastics events add elements of dance. It can be manipulation of a ball, clubs, a hoop, ribbons or a rope to the movements. Trampoline involves flips and twists performed while jumping on a trampoline, with 10 required moves at the Olympics. Richard Beese likes Acrobatic gymnastics more than others. It is a team sport that combines gymnastics moves with aerobics and dance.

Richard Beese gives the examples of great gymnasts all over the world. Some notable gymnasts are Cathy Rigby, Mary Lou Retton, and Nadia Comaneci. The greatest motivation for Richard Beese is Danell Leyva. Danell Leyva is the first Cuban-American on the United States Olympic men’s gymnastics team. He has won three Olympic medals — two silver in 2016 and a bronze in 2012. Danell Leyva said that “If you had told me I’d win two silvers, I probably would have argued and said, I Am going to win gold. But I am really happy. It’s a dream come true”. Parallel bars and horizontal bar are Leyva’s specialties. He has his own signature move on the latter: Jam-dislocate-hop to under grips. The other great inspiration for Gymnastics lover is Aly Raisman. American gymnast Aly Raisman is a two-time Olympian who has won six Olympic medals as a member of the U.S. women’s gymnastics teams. Raisman is the daughter of two athletic parents. Her mother was a gymnast in high school and her father played hockey. Behind every sportsperson there is hard work and passion same is in the case of Raisman. She worked hard to balance her love of gymnastics.

Richard Beese describes that there are several forms of gymnastics, with artistic gymnastics being the most recognizable. At the Olympic level, both men and women compete in artistic gymnastics. Successful gymnasts go through intense training to fulfill the top five components in gymnastics such as muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility to ensure their safety and an optimal performance.


International Champions Cup: Trending Right Now

Richard Beese ICC Soccer 2016

The international club is an annual club association football friendly exhibition competition. It predominantly feature club teams from Europe playing matches in the United States and occasionally Canada with a wider roll out to further countries. It is the most important competition in international football. This is the universal game. Everyone call “Football” outside the US, there is no more beautiful game then the one’s played with their feet. Soccer is one such game where smallness of stature can be of advantage, if it is accompanied by quickness, intelligence, vision, extra –ordinary eye – foot coordination. Which result in exceptional ball controlling and dribbling? The simplicity of soccer is that anyone can understand it instantly, make it sports for all. But it is not the individual who holds the whole game; it is the team works that make a team won. It’s always how they untidily play the game. It is another reason why soccer is greatest of all sports. Because the success of a team is contingent on the success of its player playing together as a team. People around the world understand the greatest things are accomplished when people join together, for a common end. When people accomplish this on field play with the proper co-ordination they can win a championship. But championship can also be won in the field of life, where people of all color, religion, economic and social level working together can accomplish a great thing. We all know this thing when we see this in the field; we admire them for the true sportsmanship. So sports always bring you some positivity inside you. As there is championship going on all from the world getting hitched to this sport, people such as Richard Beese and David White going crazy over their admired athletes, cheers them so that they can stay motivated, a suit is with the all sports game. As this game going on, we can say that teams are moving toward their goal of winning a championship. Melbourne victory has claimed their second heavyweight European scalp in the space of a week, defeating Atletico Madrid 1-0 at Symonds stadium. In another game Divock Origi and Robert Frimino gave Liverpool 2- 0 victory over Milan in the international championship cup clash in California. Liverpool will take on Barcelona at Wembley before opening their premier league campaign at Arsenal. Real Madrid sees off Chelsea with 3 – 2 in their final score. Leicester was thrashed by Germany in the international championship cup. So as the winner is still not announced because it on the progress but let wait who will win this championship at the end by defeating their entire opponent. This time there are 17 teams from 2 confederation and19 host cities. So as this game is progressing for its cup let hope best will win the championship trophy. It final game will be held on 13 August, so let’s see which two the most deserving teams will make it to the final. So these championship games of football make people going crazy, as somewhere down the line around 92000 people at the same tome come for cheering their favorite’s team on the trophy. So let’s wait for final and see which country take it to the final.