Indoor Games – Grow Strong both Physically and Mentally


Richard Beese is a great sportsman. He believes that playing sports is a way to exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. Sometimes we can see that our regular sports schedule is getting affected by the weather conditions. We do not wish to but still in some conditions we have to cancel a weekend game. In those situations too we can continue our sports activities using indoor games. An indoor sport allows you to play regularly without worrying about the rain or the damaging effect of the sun on your health. Most of the rules for playing indoor games are same as the regular outdoor version. Indoor sports solve all the problems and limitations that we face in outdoor sports. You do not need to skip games because of the weather and you can play in comfort in a controlled environment. Playing indoor sports is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. You can adjust the lighting as required and also you can get climate controlled environment. The courts in indoor sports also ensure the safety of players. Indoor games are just as important as outdoor games and sports are. Whether in Olympics or other international tournaments, indoor games are held in great regard worldwide.

Richard Beese describes some of the famous indoor games like KABADDI, BOWLING, BILLIARDS, SQUASH, TABLE TENNIS, CHESS, and BOXING etc.  KABADDI is a contact sport that was originated in India. Nowadays, Kabaddi is being played at International level. BOWLING is an indoor leisure activity, in which a player throws a ball toward the target. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports. BILLIARDS is a very famous indoor game. It is a type of shot in cue sports. It further includes – pool, snooker, carom billiards, etc. SQUASH is a racket sport, which is basically played by two or four players. This game was formerly called Squash Rackets. TABLE TENNIS is also known as ping pong. This game is also being played between two or four players.  This is a very fast game that requires quick reactions. CHESS is a very interesting indoor game. Chess is basically a mind game, played between two players. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide. BOXING is both an Olympic and commonwealth games sport. Boxing is a combat sport, In which two players throw punches at each other while wearing gloves. These are some famous indoor games.

Richard Beese says that Whenever we normally uses the phrase “sports and games” it is basically associated with the games like Football, Tennis, Baseball, etc. Indoor games also have their own importance which allows you to play in all types of weather. Spectator facilities in Indoor games are also excellent. It allows our friends and family to watch us play from the comfort of the sidelines. Richard Beese suggests that while seeing how comfortable and safe it is to play indoors can encourage others to join an indoor sports club.


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