English Premier League: The Champion of All Football Leagues


Richard Beese is a great football player and always inspire others to take participate in this game. He is a great fan of English Premier League or English Premier League (EFL). The English Premier League is also known as a premier league. It is a series of interconnected leagues that is associated with men’s association football clubs. The English Premier League has 72 clubs that are divided into 3 divisions. There are 24 clubs in each division. A central feature of the league is to maintain a proper coordination between these 3 divisions.

These three divisions are as follows –

  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two

History of English Premier League –

Football League is the oldest competition in the world of football. It was founded in 1888 as the football league.

In 19th century – It was known as the Top level Football League in England.  Till 1992, it was on the top level.

In 1995 – English Premier League had 72 clubs that have further three divisions. Known As The Championship, League One and League Two.

The league changed its name from the FA Premier League to simply the Premier League in 2007.

Starting with the new session of (2016–17), this league has been renamed as the English Football League.


The current 2016–17 session of English Football League –

Richard Beese is very excited about the current league and he never misses a chance to watch it. It is a very Interesting game.

This is the 118th season of the English Football League.

It has begun on –      6th of August 2016

It will end on –          6th of May 2017.

Currently, The English Premier League is in its 13th week

The promotion play-off finals of English Premier League will be at Wembley Stadium, its dates will be announced later.

Famous players of English Premier League –

  1. Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

He is a great player. He won the winner’s medal at the world cup of year 1998. Henry is known as the greatest ever Premier League player who was an amazing Goal scorer.

  1. Roy Keane (Manchester United)

Roy Keane was a very enthusiastic player of the Manchester United team.  He played at international level and He is the football assistant manager. He has celebrated great achieved in his carrier. Roy Keane has won 19 major trophies, among them 17 came at Manchester United.

  1. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)

On the 20th anniversary of Premier league, Ryan Giggs was voted as the best player. He is known as a very consistent player. He has won around 34 trophies; among them 13 are the Premier League winners’ medals.

  1. Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United)

Alan Shearer is known as the premiere league’s goal scorer. He was a great player of football. He has scored 283 league goals in his career. He played as a striker in the English Premier League.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best player of Manchester United. Many times in his carrier, he was ranked as the best player in the world. This star has scored 66 goals in his final three seasons. He is the only player who has won four European Golden Shoe awards.

  1. Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)

Dennis Bergkamp is considered as the one of the greatest players of his generation. He was the first player who helped to change the Premier League. He has converted the Premier League to more technical and international competition.

  1. Paul Scholes (Manchester United)

Paul Scholes is known as the one of the most successful footballers in history. Paul Scholes has played his whole professional carrier for Manchester United. He is currently a co-owner of Salford City. In his achievements he has won a total of 25 trophies. He also won the two Champions League titles.

These are some of the great players of English Premier League. Their hard work and success is a great motivation.

Richard Beese appreciates the English Premier League. This league is very inspiring for others and football lovers just love to watch it. As 2016-17 session of English Premier League is going on. This event is like a celebration for football lovers, all over the world.


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