Angelique Kerber – WTA’s Rank Number One Tennis Player

tennis-sportRichard Beese loves to play all kinds of sports, whether indoor games or outdoor games. Tennis is one of the favorite games of Richard Beese. Tennis is basically a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent (singles). This game can also be played between two different teams of two players each (doubles). When it’s about tennis, how someone can forget the name of “Angelique Kerber “. Angelique Kerber is the favorite tennis player of Richard Beese. She started playing tennis at the age of just 3 years. When she was about 15 years, she started playing professional tennis. The main aim of the game is to play the ball so that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. If a player is unable to return a ball, he will not gain a point. In this case, player of another team will gain a point. Tennis is also an Olympic sport that can be played by all ages. It can be played by anyone who can hold a racket even if a person is a wheelchair user.

Angelique Kerber – Tennis Star

angelique-kerberAngelique Kerber is a great tennis star who was born on 18th January 1988. She is an amazing player with extraordinary skills. Angelique Kerber is a professional German tennis player who is very popular. She is currently ranked as world No. 1 in women’s single tennis by women’s Tennis Association. She has started her professional career in tennis in the year of 2003. Angelique Kerber has great success in her tennis profession. In the year of 2011, she was ranked as no. 92 in the world. Recently, on 12th September 2016, she was ranked as No. 1. She is the first player who has won the title of World No. 1 at a very young age. Kerber has won an Olympic Silver medal while representing Germany At the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Angelique Kerber’s Career achievements

Angelique Kerber has great achievements throughout her career. She has won almost 10 singles titles. She has won two major notable titles that are known as her greatest achievements. One in the year of 2016 known as Australian Open and the second eight months later as the US Open. She was qualified for US open semifinals in 2011. In February 2011, she defeated Maria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli to win her first WTA singles title. She has received her career’s best result at the French Open.  In between the years of 2013 and 2014, at the BNP Paribas Open she made a second consecutive semifinal appearance. The year 2016 was the best year of Angelique Kerber’s tennis profession. In this year she got the title of world No.1 tennis player.

Angelique Kerber’s 2016 season

The 2016 season was unforgettable for Angelique Kerber as she has played her best tennis in this year. Serena Williams was a great name in the field of tennis. For almost the last two years, the spotlight was on Serena Williams for being a great tennis player. In the starting of 2016, there was a lot of pressure on Serena Williams. But 2016 definitely belongs to only one woman known as Angelique Kerber from Germany. Angelique Kerber has started the year 2016 with title of no. 10 and ends it with the No. 1 title.

Richard Beese believes that a good start is always very important in any sport. Kerber had a great start to her 2016 season.  She reached the finals of the Brisbane International and she also went on to win the Australian Open.

Angelique Kerber’s current tournament of 2016:  Australian Open (Women’s Singles)

Winner of Australian Open – Germany Angelique Kerber. This will be her first Grand Slam tournament as the World No. 1 and top seed.

Richard Beese is greatly inspired by the success and struggle of tennis star Angelique Kerber. He considered her as the great inspiration for all the sports lovers if whole world. With her hard work and will power she has achieved great success in tennis. This was the proud moment for everyone when she got the title of “World No. 1”. Players like Angelique Kerber are great motivation for everyone with a bright future ahead.


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