Angelique Kerber – WTA’s Rank Number One Tennis Player

tennis-sportRichard Beese loves to play all kinds of sports, whether indoor games or outdoor games. Tennis is one of the favorite games of Richard Beese. Tennis is basically a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent (singles). This game can also be played between two different teams of two players each (doubles). When it’s about tennis, how someone can forget the name of “Angelique Kerber “. Angelique Kerber is the favorite tennis player of Richard Beese. She started playing tennis at the age of just 3 years. When she was about 15 years, she started playing professional tennis. The main aim of the game is to play the ball so that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. If a player is unable to return a ball, he will not gain a point. In this case, player of another team will gain a point. Tennis is also an Olympic sport that can be played by all ages. It can be played by anyone who can hold a racket even if a person is a wheelchair user.

Angelique Kerber – Tennis Star

angelique-kerberAngelique Kerber is a great tennis star who was born on 18th January 1988. She is an amazing player with extraordinary skills. Angelique Kerber is a professional German tennis player who is very popular. She is currently ranked as world No. 1 in women’s single tennis by women’s Tennis Association. She has started her professional career in tennis in the year of 2003. Angelique Kerber has great success in her tennis profession. In the year of 2011, she was ranked as no. 92 in the world. Recently, on 12th September 2016, she was ranked as No. 1. She is the first player who has won the title of World No. 1 at a very young age. Kerber has won an Olympic Silver medal while representing Germany At the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Angelique Kerber’s Career achievements

Angelique Kerber has great achievements throughout her career. She has won almost 10 singles titles. She has won two major notable titles that are known as her greatest achievements. One in the year of 2016 known as Australian Open and the second eight months later as the US Open. She was qualified for US open semifinals in 2011. In February 2011, she defeated Maria Sharapova and Marion Bartoli to win her first WTA singles title. She has received her career’s best result at the French Open.  In between the years of 2013 and 2014, at the BNP Paribas Open she made a second consecutive semifinal appearance. The year 2016 was the best year of Angelique Kerber’s tennis profession. In this year she got the title of world No.1 tennis player.

Angelique Kerber’s 2016 season

The 2016 season was unforgettable for Angelique Kerber as she has played her best tennis in this year. Serena Williams was a great name in the field of tennis. For almost the last two years, the spotlight was on Serena Williams for being a great tennis player. In the starting of 2016, there was a lot of pressure on Serena Williams. But 2016 definitely belongs to only one woman known as Angelique Kerber from Germany. Angelique Kerber has started the year 2016 with title of no. 10 and ends it with the No. 1 title.

Richard Beese believes that a good start is always very important in any sport. Kerber had a great start to her 2016 season.  She reached the finals of the Brisbane International and she also went on to win the Australian Open.

Angelique Kerber’s current tournament of 2016:  Australian Open (Women’s Singles)

Winner of Australian Open – Germany Angelique Kerber. This will be her first Grand Slam tournament as the World No. 1 and top seed.

Richard Beese is greatly inspired by the success and struggle of tennis star Angelique Kerber. He considered her as the great inspiration for all the sports lovers if whole world. With her hard work and will power she has achieved great success in tennis. This was the proud moment for everyone when she got the title of “World No. 1”. Players like Angelique Kerber are great motivation for everyone with a bright future ahead.


FC Barcelona – A Rich Football Club With Good Intentions


Richard Beese is a great fan of FC Barcelona is a professional football club that is based in Barcelona, Spain. This is known as the second most valuable and amazing sports team in the world. It was ranked as the world’s fourth richest football club in the terms of revenue. Barcelona is the most supported football team in the world. Its social media following is largest as compare to other sports teams. Unlike many other football clubs, the supporters own and operate Barcelona.  It is organized as a registered association.

Richard Beese described that FC Barcelona are also known as one of the most successful European football teams. For the five times they have won the prestigious Champions League.  It has great achievements. The official Barcelona anthem is “EI Cant del Barça”.

History of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona club was founded in the year of 1899. In starting it has become the symbol of Catalan culture as it was founded by a group of Catalan footballers.


In the year of 1902, this club has won its first trophy “Copa Mcaya”.  In 1917, the club held its first testimonial match.

From 1930 to 1938 – The team achieved national level success by winning the “Campionat de Catalunya”. During the 1940 – 1950, period also has enjoyed the great success.

In 1978 – In this year, Josep Lluís Núñez became the first elected president of FC Barcelona. From that time, the members of FC Barcelona has started to elect the president. In the year of 1979, the club has won its first Cup Winners Cup.

In 1988 – In this year, Johan Cruyff has joined back the team as a manager. He formed the Dream Team by mixing up the Spanish players with international players. Name of some famous players of that time was Pep Guardiola, Ronald Koeman, Michael Laudrup, Hristo Stoichkov etc.

In 2009 – Barcelona won the FIFA Club World Cup. It has also won the Spanish super cup trophy for the ninth time, in the year of 2010.

FC Barcelona 2016 – 2017 Season

Richard Beese is quite excited about the current season of FC Barcelona. The season of 2016–17 was actually Football Club Barcelona’s 117th in existence. It was the club’s 86th consecutive season in the top flight of Spanish football. Barcelona scored 110 goals in last season.

In the current season FC Barcelona has various changes with its achievements. On 1st of July, Barcelona and Neymar negotiated a five-year contract extension that will last up to 30 June 2021.

On 30 July – Barcelona has won their first pre-season match as a part of the 2016 International Champions Cup. This match was against Scottish champions Celtic. It was held in Dublin.

On 16 November – The club has announced Rakuten signed up as FC Barcelona’s new main global partner. This is a Japanese company that will become the Global Innovation and Entertainment Partner for the next four seasons. This contract will start from 1 July 2017. Its logo will be appeared in the front of the team’s shirts.

Team players of FC Barcelona are as follows –

* Lionel Messi                    * Samuel Umtiti

* Arda Turen                      * Jordi Alba

* Neymar                            * Paco Alcacer

 FC Barcelona Records

Football Club Barcelona has great achievements.  Its professional players have set various records like:

Lionel Messi –   He is known as the highest goal scorer in most of the competitions. He has scored around 503 goals.

Xavi – He holds the record for most number of total games played. He has played total 767 games.

Paulino Alcantara – Highest goal scorer in official competitions. He is a record Goal Scorer for Barcelona. FC Barcelona has won most FIFA World Player awards.

Joan Gamper – He is known as the one of the club’s first footballers who holds the record for most goals in one match. He had total of nine goals in one match.

Some popular legends of FC Barcelona are as follows:

* Xavi Hernandez             * Ronaldo Luiz Nazario         * Carles Puyol                * Victor Valdes

* Ronaldinho                    * Sergi Barjuan                       * Ronald Koeman          * Bernd Schuster

FC Barcelona has great fan following including Richard Beese. Nothing can actually compare to the excitement while seeing your favorite team up close.  There are plenty of Chants for FC Barcelona that Barcelona fans just love to sing.

English Premier League: The Champion of All Football Leagues


Richard Beese is a great football player and always inspire others to take participate in this game. He is a great fan of English Premier League or English Premier League (EFL). The English Premier League is also known as a premier league. It is a series of interconnected leagues that is associated with men’s association football clubs. The English Premier League has 72 clubs that are divided into 3 divisions. There are 24 clubs in each division. A central feature of the league is to maintain a proper coordination between these 3 divisions.

These three divisions are as follows –

  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two

History of English Premier League –

Football League is the oldest competition in the world of football. It was founded in 1888 as the football league.

In 19th century – It was known as the Top level Football League in England.  Till 1992, it was on the top level.

In 1995 – English Premier League had 72 clubs that have further three divisions. Known As The Championship, League One and League Two.

The league changed its name from the FA Premier League to simply the Premier League in 2007.

Starting with the new session of (2016–17), this league has been renamed as the English Football League.


The current 2016–17 session of English Football League –

Richard Beese is very excited about the current league and he never misses a chance to watch it. It is a very Interesting game.

This is the 118th season of the English Football League.

It has begun on –      6th of August 2016

It will end on –          6th of May 2017.

Currently, The English Premier League is in its 13th week

The promotion play-off finals of English Premier League will be at Wembley Stadium, its dates will be announced later.

Famous players of English Premier League –

  1. Thierry Henry (Arsenal)

He is a great player. He won the winner’s medal at the world cup of year 1998. Henry is known as the greatest ever Premier League player who was an amazing Goal scorer.

  1. Roy Keane (Manchester United)

Roy Keane was a very enthusiastic player of the Manchester United team.  He played at international level and He is the football assistant manager. He has celebrated great achieved in his carrier. Roy Keane has won 19 major trophies, among them 17 came at Manchester United.

  1. Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)

On the 20th anniversary of Premier league, Ryan Giggs was voted as the best player. He is known as a very consistent player. He has won around 34 trophies; among them 13 are the Premier League winners’ medals.

  1. Alan Shearer (Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United)

Alan Shearer is known as the premiere league’s goal scorer. He was a great player of football. He has scored 283 league goals in his career. He played as a striker in the English Premier League.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best player of Manchester United. Many times in his carrier, he was ranked as the best player in the world. This star has scored 66 goals in his final three seasons. He is the only player who has won four European Golden Shoe awards.

  1. Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal)

Dennis Bergkamp is considered as the one of the greatest players of his generation. He was the first player who helped to change the Premier League. He has converted the Premier League to more technical and international competition.

  1. Paul Scholes (Manchester United)

Paul Scholes is known as the one of the most successful footballers in history. Paul Scholes has played his whole professional carrier for Manchester United. He is currently a co-owner of Salford City. In his achievements he has won a total of 25 trophies. He also won the two Champions League titles.

These are some of the great players of English Premier League. Their hard work and success is a great motivation.

Richard Beese appreciates the English Premier League. This league is very inspiring for others and football lovers just love to watch it. As 2016-17 session of English Premier League is going on. This event is like a celebration for football lovers, all over the world.

Learning to Play Volleyball

volleyballLeadership is something all the teams need for success so Volleyball is also not an exception. It is also a game of spirit and team, but it is not always something easily defined or developed. We can’t say do this and do that, you will be a great leader for your volleyball team. It requires the efforts and support of everyone on the team in order to be successful. Most of the volleyball drills are designed for the team to work together on, as we all know the Proverb “Practice makes a man a perfect”. So  much like any other sport, there the more an individual practice the more they will bring the team together, mostly  as  a team you won’t leave together all the time, so this practice session  helps you to come closer to each other, let you know the strength and weakness of an individual.

One of the skills taught are volleyball drill accuracy. The Player will pick a spot on the wall and aim to hit it. They want to work on the perfect form and want to get the most out of this drill, while a simple exercise of wall, hitting is one of those very versatile volleyball drills that a player can be alone. They can work on spiking, serving and even sitting. Each type of hit will present the players with a set of challenges that ensure the ball travel to the spot they have chosen.

A leader needs not to be the best player on a team, but they do need to represent its ideals. This is mainly about attitude and efforts. The leaders turn up on time and follow team rules. They work as hard as everyone else. They didn’t complain, but instead get on what need to be done.  Richard Beese actually loves this game due to its team spirit and sportsmanship quality.

It is important for the players as well as coaches to learn that they can work on some volleyball drills on their own. The more that a player drills, the better their performance will be. A team is made up of the some of the each individual player’s performances. Using solo volleyball drill usually shows the team, that a player feels the sports; therefore the team is important enough to put in a little extra effort. The efforts will pay off for the team as a whole when it came to time of game.

So heart is the difference between those who attempt or those who achieve……

Rugby – More Than Just a Sport

rugbyRichard Beese as a sports lover always tried to motivate others to take participate in sports. The reason behind is that sports are perfect for physical and mental growth of a person. Here he describes a very famous game – Rugby. It is basically a type of football developed at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire. It includes the oval ball. A rugby ball, originally called a quanco, is a diamond shape, ball used for easier passing. The rugby ball’s different shape is actually due to the pig’s bladder, although early balls were more plumb-shape than oval. The balls varied in size in the beginning, depending upon how large the pig’s bladder was. In this game, the throwing the ball forward is not allowed. As per the rules of Rugby game, players can gain ground only by running with the ball or by kicking it.

There are basically two types of Rugby –

1.    Rugby league  – Having a team of 13 players. League players may not contest possession after making a tackle; play is continued with a play-the-ball. The team will surrender possession if it fails to score before a set of six tackles.

2.    Rugby union – Having a team of 15 players. Union players contest possession following the tackle: depending on the situation, either a ruck or a maul can occur. There is no six tackle rule in Rugby Union. A team without committing an offense can keep the ball for an unlimited number of tackles before scoring as long as it maintains possession.

Very soon the rules of rugby league were modified. Changes were implemented with the aim of making a faster-paced and more try-orientated game. It results in two different forms of rugby. In 1995, rugby union joined rugby league and most other forms of football as an openly professional sport.

The Rugby League World Cup  is an international tournament that is organized by the Rugby League International Federation.  It was first held in France in 1954, and as of 2013 occurs on a 4-year cycle. The event is played in the league format and features the top 14 teams from around the world.

Richard Beese describes that Rugby is nowadays a very popular sport in many countries of the world. Rugby among women is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. At the turn of the 21st century, the International Rugby Board (IRB) headquartered in Dublin, boasted more than 100 affiliated national unions. The sport was still dominated by the traditional rugby powerhouse of Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and South Africa. Rugby rapidly spread from its origins in England, Scotland, and Ireland to middle- and working-class men in the north of England and in Wales and to the British colonies in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It also spread to North America, where it was transformed into a new style of football. With time, the rugby game is growing widely. Richard Beese calls Rugby, his one of a favorite game.

Indoor Games – Grow Strong both Physically and Mentally


Richard Beese is a great sportsman. He believes that playing sports is a way to exercise and keep your body fit and healthy. Sometimes we can see that our regular sports schedule is getting affected by the weather conditions. We do not wish to but still in some conditions we have to cancel a weekend game. In those situations too we can continue our sports activities using indoor games. An indoor sport allows you to play regularly without worrying about the rain or the damaging effect of the sun on your health. Most of the rules for playing indoor games are same as the regular outdoor version. Indoor sports solve all the problems and limitations that we face in outdoor sports. You do not need to skip games because of the weather and you can play in comfort in a controlled environment. Playing indoor sports is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. You can adjust the lighting as required and also you can get climate controlled environment. The courts in indoor sports also ensure the safety of players. Indoor games are just as important as outdoor games and sports are. Whether in Olympics or other international tournaments, indoor games are held in great regard worldwide.

Richard Beese describes some of the famous indoor games like KABADDI, BOWLING, BILLIARDS, SQUASH, TABLE TENNIS, CHESS, and BOXING etc.  KABADDI is a contact sport that was originated in India. Nowadays, Kabaddi is being played at International level. BOWLING is an indoor leisure activity, in which a player throws a ball toward the target. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports. BILLIARDS is a very famous indoor game. It is a type of shot in cue sports. It further includes – pool, snooker, carom billiards, etc. SQUASH is a racket sport, which is basically played by two or four players. This game was formerly called Squash Rackets. TABLE TENNIS is also known as ping pong. This game is also being played between two or four players.  This is a very fast game that requires quick reactions. CHESS is a very interesting indoor game. Chess is basically a mind game, played between two players. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide. BOXING is both an Olympic and commonwealth games sport. Boxing is a combat sport, In which two players throw punches at each other while wearing gloves. These are some famous indoor games.

Richard Beese says that Whenever we normally uses the phrase “sports and games” it is basically associated with the games like Football, Tennis, Baseball, etc. Indoor games also have their own importance which allows you to play in all types of weather. Spectator facilities in Indoor games are also excellent. It allows our friends and family to watch us play from the comfort of the sidelines. Richard Beese suggests that while seeing how comfortable and safe it is to play indoors can encourage others to join an indoor sports club.

Everything You Need To Know About Lionel Messi

lionel-messiHis full name is Lionel Andres Messi. He born on 24 June 1987 is an Argentinean soccer player and now a participant for La Liga’s Barcelona and the Argentina national team. Messi is regarded as one of the most important and famous soccer player of this generation. He starts playing at a very early stage and his talent was rapidly recognized by Barcelona. Making first experience in 2004 – 2005 seasons, he broke the La Liga’s record for the youngest soccer player to take part in that league. In 2005 he becomes the latest teen superstar of Argentina. He was chosen as the player of the tournament at under – 20 world cup on the year. Played his first game for the Argentina national team, and made his first goal with the professional team FC Barcelona. He was almost comparable to early hero of the Argentina soccer, Diego Maradona. Richard Beese loves Lionel Messi because of his archery in the game.

He starts playing football for Grandoli, a local club coached by his father. He becomes part of a local youth powerhouse. By the age of 21, he had received Ballon d’Or and FIFA world player of the year nomination. He followed this up by winning the inaugural FIFA Ballon d’Or in 2010 and again 2010 and 2012. He has won 2010-2011 UEFA best Player in Europe award.

At the age of 24 he had become the Barcelona’s all time top scorers in all official club competition. In 25 he becomes the youngest player to score 200 goals in La Liga. In September 2010 he scored his 400th senior goal for the club and country at the age of 27. Commonly ranked as the best player in the world and rated by some as the greatest of all time. He is the first football player to win both FIFA and Ballon d’Or, all of which he won consecutively, and the first to win three European golden shoes award.

Soccer is one of the few sports where smallness of stature can be an advantage. If it is accompanied by quickness, intelligence, vision and extraordinary eye-foot combination which result in exceptional ball control and dribbling. He possesses all these attributes and because he does not look like a magnificent athlete, but like a regular guy, millions of regular guys and girls can relate to him. He makes the sports more accessible to the average person. He is not very outspoken neither is he very loud or outspoken in any of his interviews. He seems more withdrawn when he is in public and he is very soft spoken. He still idolizes another; his favorite player when he grew up was Pablo Aimar. To this day he still idolizes this man. He seems to be a very simple man who is humble, substantial and very soft spoken.

He won’t play Euro cup 2016 due to his injury, so might be he got back to Argentina final group match against Bolivia. Fans will surely going to miss him because most people will travel to all over the world, only to watch his favorite player playing the game.

So he is the champion but still he hold to be humble, very soft spoken and genius player whom people love from the heart. All people play the sport, but only some will make history and he is the one who had made the history in a very small time by his great act of playing. You will become famous with your playing art and the love for your game, spirit and your sportsmanship to that game and finally by people love. So play your game with all your heart, which wills definitely leads to win because whole heartedly efforts will not you take to win. So he is one such player who is loved by people and people are getting inspired from him to play like him.

Recently, after Copa America Championship, he announced their retirement and many of the fans are not happy with this decision.

Boxing – It’s about performance not feelings


Mental strength is important in every game. In case of boxing too mental strength is a key to success because you either win or lose your mind. Richard Beese as a sports lover is always excited about boxing game. Boxing is a sport that can be played between two people. Two participants while wearing protective gloves, throw punches at each other in a predetermined set of time. Boxing game is performed in a boxing ring. Style is basically defined as an approach that a fighter takes during a bout. Every fighter has their own unique style and that can be determined by a person’s physical and mental attributes. Three main styles that exist in boxing are outside fighter, brawler and inside fighter. Outside fighter known as a “boxer”, brawler, known as a “slugger” and inside fighter, known as a “swarmer”. The main aim of boxing is to dominate the opponent.  Two boxers attempt to dominate each other in about by landing punches on each other’s head or upper body. Boxing is a purest form of one-versus-one sport – a primal challenge that requires great strength and skill. The speed and intelligence also matters a lot in the game of boxing.

Richard Beese appreciates the boxing and suggests some boxing training tips for boxing lovers. He suggests everyone to Stay calm and punch lighter on the bag so you can last more rounds. Correct form of punching matters a lot in this game. You need to have the energy to hit the bag with correct form and keep your punches snappy. You just need to push yourself a little more each day. If you go until failure everyday of the week without a reason, you’ll probably over train and quit boxing very soon. You need to drink at least one cup of water in every hour. Boxing was introduced on the 1904 summer Olympics, from that to till now it has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games. The 2008 Summer Olympics were the final games with boxing as a male only event. Since the 2012 Summer Olympics, women’s boxing is part of the program. Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth Games sport. It has its own world championships.  Boxing is supervised by a referee over a series of one- to three-minute intervals that are called rounds. Referee declares the result when an opponent will not be capable to continue.

Richard Beese got an awesome lesson through boxing, which is “Never give up”. As soon as you learn to never give up, you will understand the power and wisdom of unconditional surrender. It is not about Prize-Fighting. Experience of everything matters a lot. With experience in boxing only you can learn how to fight easy.

Gymnastics – A Combination of Strength, Balance, Agility, and Muscle Coordination

Richard Beese Gymnastics

Richard Beese is always working really hard and pushing himself to the maximum and keeping himself motivated. He believes that sports not only make you physically strong but mentally and emotionally too. He appreciates the sport Gymnastics and motivates others toward it. Gymnastics requires strength, flexibility and control. Gymnastic has its different categories Gymnastics at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio was held in three categories: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and Trampoline. Richard Beese describes that Artistic gymnastics is a discipline of gymnastics in which athletes perform short routines that varies from 30 to 90 seconds. Men’s artistic gymnastics is divided into six events: the high bar, the parallel bars, the pommel horse, the vault and the floor exercises. Women’s artistic gymnastics consists of the balance beam, the uneven bars, the vault and the floor exercises. Rhythmic gymnastics events add elements of dance. It can be manipulation of a ball, clubs, a hoop, ribbons or a rope to the movements. Trampoline involves flips and twists performed while jumping on a trampoline, with 10 required moves at the Olympics. Richard Beese likes Acrobatic gymnastics more than others. It is a team sport that combines gymnastics moves with aerobics and dance.

Richard Beese gives the examples of great gymnasts all over the world. Some notable gymnasts are Cathy Rigby, Mary Lou Retton, and Nadia Comaneci. The greatest motivation for Richard Beese is Danell Leyva. Danell Leyva is the first Cuban-American on the United States Olympic men’s gymnastics team. He has won three Olympic medals — two silver in 2016 and a bronze in 2012. Danell Leyva said that “If you had told me I’d win two silvers, I probably would have argued and said, I Am going to win gold. But I am really happy. It’s a dream come true”. Parallel bars and horizontal bar are Leyva’s specialties. He has his own signature move on the latter: Jam-dislocate-hop to under grips. The other great inspiration for Gymnastics lover is Aly Raisman. American gymnast Aly Raisman is a two-time Olympian who has won six Olympic medals as a member of the U.S. women’s gymnastics teams. Raisman is the daughter of two athletic parents. Her mother was a gymnast in high school and her father played hockey. Behind every sportsperson there is hard work and passion same is in the case of Raisman. She worked hard to balance her love of gymnastics.

Richard Beese describes that there are several forms of gymnastics, with artistic gymnastics being the most recognizable. At the Olympic level, both men and women compete in artistic gymnastics. Successful gymnasts go through intense training to fulfill the top five components in gymnastics such as muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility to ensure their safety and an optimal performance.

International Champions Cup: Trending Right Now

Richard Beese ICC Soccer 2016

The international club is an annual club association football friendly exhibition competition. It predominantly feature club teams from Europe playing matches in the United States and occasionally Canada with a wider roll out to further countries. It is the most important competition in international football. This is the universal game. Everyone call “Football” outside the US, there is no more beautiful game then the one’s played with their feet. Soccer is one such game where smallness of stature can be of advantage, if it is accompanied by quickness, intelligence, vision, extra –ordinary eye – foot coordination. Which result in exceptional ball controlling and dribbling? The simplicity of soccer is that anyone can understand it instantly, make it sports for all. But it is not the individual who holds the whole game; it is the team works that make a team won. It’s always how they untidily play the game. It is another reason why soccer is greatest of all sports. Because the success of a team is contingent on the success of its player playing together as a team. People around the world understand the greatest things are accomplished when people join together, for a common end. When people accomplish this on field play with the proper co-ordination they can win a championship. But championship can also be won in the field of life, where people of all color, religion, economic and social level working together can accomplish a great thing. We all know this thing when we see this in the field; we admire them for the true sportsmanship. So sports always bring you some positivity inside you. As there is championship going on all from the world getting hitched to this sport, people such as Richard Beese and David White going crazy over their admired athletes, cheers them so that they can stay motivated, a suit is with the all sports game. As this game going on, we can say that teams are moving toward their goal of winning a championship. Melbourne victory has claimed their second heavyweight European scalp in the space of a week, defeating Atletico Madrid 1-0 at Symonds stadium. In another game Divock Origi and Robert Frimino gave Liverpool 2- 0 victory over Milan in the international championship cup clash in California. Liverpool will take on Barcelona at Wembley before opening their premier league campaign at Arsenal. Real Madrid sees off Chelsea with 3 – 2 in their final score. Leicester was thrashed by Germany in the international championship cup. So as the winner is still not announced because it on the progress but let wait who will win this championship at the end by defeating their entire opponent. This time there are 17 teams from 2 confederation and19 host cities. So as this game is progressing for its cup let hope best will win the championship trophy. It final game will be held on 13 August, so let’s see which two the most deserving teams will make it to the final. So these championship games of football make people going crazy, as somewhere down the line around 92000 people at the same tome come for cheering their favorite’s team on the trophy. So let’s wait for final and see which country take it to the final.